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Melanie Starr offers a variety of online and in-person group learning, coaching and healing programs for individuals and organizations, as well as workshops and 1:1 coaching and healing services. In order to empower your potential, you must heal old trauma-based patterns such as fear and anxiety and learn to manage your stress response. This will enable you to take new action that would have been impossible before, helping you build the confidence to expand your vision for your life, to feel stronger and more capable, and to master your mindset and energy so that you can get unstuck and move forward with momentum. 


Join the waitlist for an upcoming program, or reach out to Melanie to book yourself a free 30-minute empowerment call to discuss your aspirations and challenges.


For individuals: If Melanie doesn't have a current program to suit your needs, and you are a good fit to work together, she will collaborate with you to develop a custom 1:1 healing and coaching program just for you.

For organizations: Reach out to Melanie to book at free 45-minute call to discuss the challenges your team is facing and how she can assist you in overcoming these challenges to empower your team to be more creative, focused, resilient and collaborative.

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