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How I came to be a trauma practitioner

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Dream to Rise Podcast, June 2023

This is the rawest interview I have ever done. I sat down this spring with Cynthia Concordia, host of the Dream to Rise podcast, to talk about why I chose to work in the field of trauma transformation.

Listen to Episode S2E13: What led me to become a trauma transformation practitioner

It’s difficult work! Trauma is pervasive, especially over these past few years of tremendous uncertainty and fear in the collective consciousness. Trauma is embedded in the tissues of the body, it is not a mental construct, a thought, or even a feeling. It is a change in our physiology and brain function that PERSISTS. It does not heal over time or by itself. Healing from trauma takes conscious effort and support and guidance from a professional who understands trauma and has the tools, perspective and experience to facilitate real healing and transformation.

So what called me into this challenging field?

My own experience of trauma, of course! (Listen to the podcast if you want to learn more). But, even more so, my own experience of releasing trauma embedded in my body, healing associated emotional pain, developing new perspectives, and becoming a much more calm, regulated and courageous person.

Does this mean I have “arrived” and have no further work to do? Not a bit!

Healing is like peeling the layers off an onion, an analogy you have probably heard before. People use it because it’s so accurate. You heal one layer of trauma and pain, you feel the change, you start to make decisions differently and respond to the world in new, more open and curious ways. But then you run up against it again! A new layer of healing that needs to be done. You get triggered and realize, aha, and now I must heal THIS! So, no, my own personal work is not done, I work with my nervous system every day to advance on my healing journey and so I can provide the most open and grounded healing space possible for my clients.

As I have studied trauma more and more over the past few years, I have learned that unhealed trauma is the root cause of a host of (if not most) chronic diseases and conditions. This is particularly true with CPTSD, complex post traumatic stress disorder, caused by ongoing traumatizing events and circumstances, often beginning in childhood with neglect or abuse. Gut issues, skin issues, neurological issues, pain syndromes, mental health conditions, eating disorders, and on and on. Western medicine addresses these issues at the level of suppressing symptoms, not resolving root causes.

Trauma transformation goes straight to the root. We work with the body to mobilize and release trapped emotional energy and to access the nervous system, where the trauma response is initiated. We also work with the mind in combination with the body and nervous system to create new awareness and anchor new perspectives, behaviours and results.

It is honestly the most fulfilling work of my life, to facilitate and witness the transformation of my clients. Because many of my clients come to me in the aftermath of a traumatizing divorce, they are heavily triggered, emotionally devastated, entirely lacking in confidence or direction and struggling in many if not all areas of their lives. And I know EXACTLY what that is like, because I have been there in spades.

Powerful tools like EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), yoga-inspired somatic work, breathwork, visualization and energy work have proven their effectiveness in my life and in the lives of my clients. The changes that unfold week over week as we apply these tools are truly miraculous (check my testimonials page). I understand, as I work with my clients, that I have experienced the many traumas in my life for a reason – so that I may have the understanding, experience and compassion to help others heal theirs.

Work with me to heal yourself

Healing is so important, and SO possible, with the right tools and support.

If you feel that trauma is still affecting your life, I offer a private 1:1 healing and coaching container and I will work with you to release the trauma, grief and pain, heal your inner being, and create healthier, happier, more empowered ways of being in the world.

Reach out to me:

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