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How can I heal from childhood sexual abuse?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

She Rises Studios Podcast, July 2023

the early spring of 2023, She Rises Studios approached me to see if I would write a chapter in their upcoming book, Me Too But Never Again Part 2: The Healing Journey.

I do not specialize in sexual abuse in my therapeutic work with clients, but like so many females, I have been sexually abused, and I am an expert in trauma and healing trauma by working with the body, beliefs, emotions and energy field.

Listen to Episode #169 Intuitive Energy Healing with Melanie Starr

So I said yes. I wanted to share a path to healing with women who had been sexually abused, especially as children, and also wanted to send a message about the importance of protecting our children from this devastatingly traumatizing and disempowering experience.

In this conversation with Angela Bell of She Rises Studios, I share what happens in the nervous system of a child when they are sexually abused, and how this plays out in their lives as increased vulnerability to future sexual abuse, increased risk of getting stuck in toxic and abusive relationships (personal and professional), and increased risk of mental health problems and even chronic illness. We also discuss my multi-faceted approach to healing – in particular, my use of energy healing techniques such as EFT, which produces a much faster and deeper level of healing than traditional therapy, as well as body-based approaches to healing.

Protect your children!

Near the end of the podcast episode, I share three things parents MUST do to protect their children from abusers:

  • teach your children the proper names of their genitals and use the proper names routinely, without embarrassment

  • be honest and open with your children about sex and frankly let them know that other people may try to touch them in sexual ways. Teach them that this activity is for grownups and is NOT okay for anyone to do to them. Ensure they know it is safe and important to tell YOU about it!

  • teach them to tell anyone who is trying to see or touch their genitals that they are too young, it is a CRIME to touch them, and they will TELL. The same thing goes if the adult or older child is exposing themselves.

You can find my roadmap to healing from sexual abuse in the book, Me Too But Never Again: The Healing Journey (available on and

Work with me to heal yourself

Healing is so important, and SO possible, with the right tools and support.

If you were sexually abused and feel that it is still affecting your life, I offer a private 1:1 healing and coaching container and I will work with you to process the grief, release the trauma, heal your inner being, and create healthier, happier, more empowered ways of being in the world.

Reach out to me:

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