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Seven Steps to Healing Through Divorce

Divorce is one of life's most painful and disruptive changes. It can leave you feeling lost, hopeless and confused, not to mention exhausted, broken and afraid. At the same time, divorce is a new beginning you can embrace to dream, do and discover so much more than you ever could have imagined in your married life. The key is to take steps, every day, toward your goal of healing and moving forward. There is lots of support for your journey. Start by downloading your own free copy of Seven Steps to Healing Through Divorce.

Heal & Grow into Your Radiant New Life

Learn how to leave pain in the past and create new neural pathways for healing and growing into your radiant new life. Melanie Starr is a healer, teacher, mentor and coach who supports and inspires women to reinvent themselves as they heal from the trauma of divorce (and perhaps of their marriage). She brings women together to share, witness and cheer each other on as they journey from broken, lonely, confused and afraid to empowered, joyful, confident and connected. Drawing on her own painful experiences and those of her clients, as well as three decades of study and practice in yoga, energy healing, holistic health, coaching and therapy, Melanie skillfully guides women to discover their own inner truths and release the impact of conditioning and abuse. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and support women to reclaim their radiance and empower themselves to fulfill their potential in life.

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