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Empower Your Team to Thrive

My approach to team empowerment is firmly based in trust and the workings of the nervous system. 

As a communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience working with organizations to build trusting and productive relationships with stakeholders, I understand deeply the power and importance of open two-way communication. And no stakeholder is more crucial to an organization's success than its own people.

Authentic communication is crucially important to building cohesion and the sense of shared mission required for your team to shine. Without a sense of safety in their nervous systems, however, team members will not be able to openly share. Activation of the stress response in the nervous system will block them from speaking their truth, leaving them feeling unheard and perhaps discontented.

Sync Up

Leaders must foster their ability to accept honest feedback with grace,  and stand with integrity behind their commitment to listening deeply and making necessary changes. This requires leaders to fearlessly explore their own triggers and develop the ability to be vulnerable and imperfect.


These are big cultural changes that require personal growth on the part of leaders and team members alike. They also require nervous system regulation and expansion, for this is what allows non-reactive listening, non-judgmental thinking, intuitive awareness, growth-oriented mindsets, and grounded creativity.

Empower Your Team to Thrive

It is my joy to guide organizations through the process of evaluating and transforming organizational culture.  It's not about the technology, it's about the humans involved, the state of their nervous systems, and how they are feeling in relation to work. All of this, of course, is affected by each person's wellness and what they are coping with, both inside and outside of work


Based on the findings of my evaluation, I will work with your leaders and team members to develop customized solutions to the problems you face. Wellness (including nervous system regulation) and communication are cornerstones of my approach, which empowers individuals to be grounded in their personal integrity and meaningfully connected to their leaders and peers. The result is a cohesive and motivated team with the resilience and resourcefulness to respond creatively and effectively to the emerging challenges. . 

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