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Embody the Healing Power of Self-Love

Melanie is one of 11 co-authors of Self Love Project, published by She Rises Studios, a California-based women's empowerment media company. This inspirational book shares deep insights from women who have pulled themselves out of darkness and into the light through the power of self-love.
Self-love is the wellspring of healing and foundation of self-empowerment for women. In her chapter, Melanie explores the forces that undermine women's ability to love and accept themselves, and describes an effective, step-by-step pathway to overcoming these limiting patterns in order to fully embrace oneself and pursue a life of purpose, power and joy. 

Help to Heal from Sexual Abuse

Melanie is one of five co-authors of Me Too But Never Again: The Healing Journey, also published by She Rises Studios. This powerful book shares practical strategies and personal inspiration for healing from the trauma of sexual abuse.
In her chapter, Melanie describes the trauma response that occurs in the nervous system, with specific reference to childhood sexual abuse, and how this trauma response plays out over time and affects so many aspects of life. She offers anyone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse a comprehensive approach to healing the nervous system, as well as the heart, mind, body and soul, so that anyone who has been abused can become more empowered, happy and healthy.

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